Dear AIA Cincinnati Members,

As we head into this unprecedented summer season, we find ourselves trying to adjust new terrain. There are many new opportunities among all the restrictions we are facing. In that spirit, many of our students who cannot find remote-work co-ops this summer are taking on a variety of experiences that will help them in their own professional development. Among the choices they have, is to work with architects on one of the following:

  • Paid work on individual projects where students are hired on an as-needed basis
  • Community-based outreach projects
  • Architectural research projects
  • Architectural Competitions

To get credit for summer semester co-op, students are asked to complete a total of 250 hours of work in one or a combination of the above mentioned areas or any number of other opportunities, including those suggested in the AXP Guidelines under work setting “O.” Although we always prioritize paid work, we realize that is not possible in many cases this particular summer semester.

If you are interested in working with students on a project this summer (anytime between May 11th and August 14th), and you see mutual benefit in it, you can use the following link to a Google Doc where you can describe the work and students can see it and reach out to you. Once you are set up and working with a student, or the opportunity is no longer available, please indicate it on the Google Doc by drawing a line through the name of the project.

I hope to see some great project ideas take shape over the next few weeks in a remote capacity. If you want to discuss any ideas or have questions, you are welcome to call me on my mobile at (513) 675-8706.

With best wishes and stay safe and healthy,


Alexander Christoforidis, AIA AICP LEEDap
Division of Experience-based Learning and Career Education
University of Cincinnati
Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center
P.O. Box 210115
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0115
(513) 675-8706 mobile

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