Sponsoring AIA Cincinnati indicates your support for a better built environment for everyone in the Cincinnati Tristate region. Our chapter is one of the most vibrant and active in the country (as you can see from the variety of programs shown below). We are a group of like-minded design professionals who share best practices and bring contemporary design trends to Cincinnati’s physical landscape to improve life for everyone it affects.


We have many opportunities to show your commitment to a better city! You can sponsor our entire year’s activities across all of our programs as a top-tier Title sponsor, support individual year-long programs like Academy and VISION, focus on the CDA and CRAN design awards programs, or show your support at individual events throughout the year in all of our programs. To find out more about how we can help you show your support to our members and associated organizations, contact our Executive Director.

Title Sponsorship

2020 AIA Cincinnati Title Sponsors

Our Title Sponsors keep AIA Cincinnati running! We could not possibly continue the breadth of our activity in advocating great design in our community without their generous support. In return, we provide exposure for their businesses at all of our events, on our web assets and social channels, and through email marketing campaigns.

In addition, each Title Sponsor is given a “Sponsor Spotlight” during one of the months of their sponsorship calendar year. Click here to see an example of a Sponsor Spotlight

Cincinnati Design Awards


The Cincinnati Design Awards program represents the best in Cincinnati design across four disciplines: architecture, interior design, landscape design, and experiential graphics. One of the most interdisciplinary design awards programs, in the country, CDA will celebrate its 20th year in Cincinnati in 2016. Show your support by contacting the CDA organizers!

CRAN Awards

CRAN logo

The CRAN Awards celebrate the best in residential architecture in the Cincinnati region. Residential design has its own conventions, suppliers, and contractors that specialize in the skills needed to make great residences, and you can help by sponsoring their efforts. Contact the CRAN organizers today

The Academy

Academy logo

The Academy is focused on high-quality continuing education experiences for the Cincinnati region’s architects. You can find out more about their programming by visiting their website here and by contacting their organizers here.



The VISION program is dedicated to a focused 6-month professional enrichment experience for young architects that represent the future of Cincinnati’s design leadership. Through group workshops and distinguished speakers, VISION aims to build strong practitioners that will enrich our design community for years to come. Visit their website here and contact them directly for sponsorship opportunities.

AIA Cincinnati programs hold events throughout the year, and all of them need support ranging from venue sponsors to operating funds for guest presenters or merchandise logo sponsors for golf outings…you can help! Contact our Executive Director to get a sense of the range of opportunities available. Let us help you show your support to our members and affiliates in the coming year…

Sycamore Creek
Sporting Clays

Sponsorship opportunities are available for events like our Sycamore Creek Sporting Clay & Dinner. The PDF below outlines benefits for levels of support:

Annual Golf Outing

Here is an example registration form that helps to explain the annual AIA Cincinnati golf outing event. It’s a great way to get your name out to our members and show your commitment to great design in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Contact our Executive Director for more specific information.