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14 Mar

Neighborhood Summit 2020

March 14 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
1624 Herald Ave




Workshop Leaders

Jeff Raser, Couper Gardiner, and John Kornbluh from AIA Cincinnati’s Urban Design Committee

Samantha Essel-Addo, Chas Wiederhold, Steven Kenat, GBBN Architects


March 14
at Cintas Center, Xavier University


Free and open to the public

Program Description

Neighborhood Summit 2020

The Neighborhood Summit is the annual Cincinnati event which brings together hundreds of community leaders and volunteers, city officials and non-profits in a FREE day-long series of seminars and workshops aimed at helping citizens work effectively together to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Sessions include community development, the draft Community Wide Housing Strategy, a panel on generational resiliency with Steve Kenat, AIA, and AIA Cincinnati’s Urban Design Committee on their recent South Fairmount–Lick Run District Workshop and previous workshops. This is a great way for Citizen Architects to get engaged with the community.

Public Community Design Workshops by AIA Cincinnati (3:30 pm)
Jeff Raser, Couper Gardiner, and John Kornbluh from AIA Cincinnati’s Urban Design Committee

This session will review past community design workshops hosted by the Urban Design Committee of the American Institute of Architects – Cincinnati chapter. Based upon the premises that everyone’s opinion matters, and that the urban design of neighborhoods deeply affects people’s everyday lives, this session will examine how these workshops were put together, transpired, and what became of the community’s efforts. 

The Urban Design Committee of AIA Cincinnati, has led several community engagement workshops over the past 10+ years. These public workshops have enabled community stakeholders the opportunity to voice opinions about what they would like to see built in their neighborhoods. With the assistance of volunteer architects and other design professionals who can give graphic form to voiced ideas, citizens can express their opinions on everything from public gathering spaces, parks, street corridor design, buildings and functions, parking, transportation, and other elements that effect the vitality of neighborhoods. These public workshops have included community-led concepts for: the Jack Casino, Price Landing Park, Wasson Way, St. Mary’s Square, and several sites in Over-the-Rhine.  In addition to these past events, on February 22, 2020 the Urban Design Committee of AIA Cincinnati will hold a community design workshop for the South Fairmount neighborhood centering on what places, streets, and buildings the stakeholders of that neighborhood would like to see built around the Lick Run waterway.

Cincinnati 2030: Generational Resiliency (2:45-3:15 pm)
Samantha Essel-Addo, Chas Wiederhold, Steven Kenat, GBBN Architects

Downtown Cincinnati is more vibrant than it has been in generations. But with 40% of its resurgent population composed of millennials (almost double that of Boomers and Gen X), its ongoing resilience may depend on how the city’s infrastructure shifts to support this generation’s changing lives. For instance, over 60% of the urban core’s total residential units are occupied by singles. What happens as more millennials have families? Will we develop the housing and infrastructure to support them or will we see a generational flight? Will Cincinnati’s inner ring suburbs catch the flight or will these millennials flee further? This session asks what it takes to make a generationally resilient Cincinnati using survey data collected in real time to explore attendee’s motivations for living where they do and asks what amenities and infrastructure they need to support their lives in that place, now and in the years ahead.

Event Details

Date: March 14 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Cintas Center
Address: 1624 Herald Ave