NY Times: What Happened to Great Urban Design Projects in U.S.?

The New York Times today ran an article by architecture critic Allison Arieff titled “What Happened to the Great Urban Design Projects?”

The Golden Gate Bridge, circa 1930's. Getty Images.

The Golden Gate Bridge, circa 1930’s. Getty Images.

From the article:

American infrastructure is deferred home maintenance on a massive scale. We just keep putting it off until something major — and often catastrophic — happens, and then it ends up costing twice as much as it would have had we taken care of it proactively…

There is no awe. There are issues of structural integrity. There are mind-blowing cost overruns. Accidents. Sinkholes…

A century later, we’ve lost our collective faith in the power of great projects like the Golden Gate, not to mention our trust in the government to fix a pothole on time and on budget, let alone create an inspiring bridge. How can we restore that faith in possibility?

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