Sponsor Profile: Dan Becker, The V Collective

Dan Becker, Designer, The V Collective

How did you get into this field? 

Prior to joining The V Collective, I spent about 18 years working in Architecture firms. I graduated with a four year architecture degree from Miami University (Bach. Of Science in Environmental Design) and was on track for graduate school. Because of life’s circumstances through those early years, I continued working and gaining valuable experience from various firms, which eventually directed me into construction management. In that time, I enjoyed serving as Associate Director for AIA Columbus (2000-2001) and AIA Ohio Valley Region Associate Director (2001) along with various local AIA committees.

What experience do you draw from in your work at The V Collective? 

My work as a designer and project manager at The V Collective really combines my architectural background of both design and construction management but takes it from the macro-level of an entire building or room to this very specific micro-level of the cabinetry and/or trim and these elements within the larger context.

How does your firm work with architects? 

Depending on the nature of a project, our team can either help execute the design set forth by the architect, usually through shop drawings, or we can be more collaborative on design and production. It just really depends on the nature of the project and the expectations of the architects and owners. For architects with whom we have an on-going relationship, we are sometimes involved early in the process to quote on schematic design documents. It helps establish early budgets for architects and builders to further guide the later document phases.

What inspires you? 

I do love a good building. Or just the really beautiful woodwork at a home like the Henry Probasco House in Clifton. I admire that attention to detail and the craftsmanship. I was a tour guide for Architreks here locally and I loved sharing the architecture and history of our city and trying to help others understand that what is here is special and has value.

What is your favorite building and why? 

That’s nearly impossible to determine. I’ve loved buildings since I was a kid! I’m drawn to buildings that have a really strong sense of materiality and permanence with an attention to detail. Locally, I would probably say Union Terminal but H.H. Richardson was an early favorite architect and I love Trinity Church and its setting in Copley Sq. in Boston. But I can get excited about a lot of them. And I certainly have opinions on what I don’t like!

When you’re not working, what do you love to do?

I enjoy the gym and traveling. I am on a quest to visit all 50 states. (Three more to go!) My travels usually include either hiking out in nature or doing some sort of urban exploring and immersing myself in a city’s architecture and culture. A lot of times I might combine the two experiences. For instance a recent road trip out west included the Badlands and Black Hills but also included a tour of the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines and a stop in Fort Collins, Colorado to check out their brewery scene.

The V Collective is a longtime supporter of AIA Cincinnati, especially our CRAN community, before becoming one of our first Title Sponsors. Learn more at thevcollective.com.  

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