Sponsor Profile: Amanda Thom, Hamilton Parker

Amanda Thom Hamilton Parker

Amanda Thom, Commercial Account Specialist, Hamilton Parker, Southwest

What does your firm do? 

Hamilton Parker has over 85 years of experience in supplying residential and commercial building supplies for the entire state of Ohio, including tile, stone, masonry, fireplaces and garage doors in Central Ohio, and supplying exclusively tile and setting materials in the Cincinnati and Cleveland markets. Hamilton Parker also supplies additional building materials through Construction Building Components (CBC), its National Accounts Division. Hamilton Parker has also recently added two LVT lines to their offerings.

How did you get into this field? 

I have a degree in Interior Design and the majority of my career has been spent in the residential realm of the business. My first job in the field was as a librarian for a design/build company. I worked my way up to Design Associate. From there, I discovered that I really enjoyed the construction end of design. I’ve worked as a Project Manager, Selections Coordinator, as well as helping with Office Management. Tile has always been fascinating to me and when I discovered that Hamilton Parker was hiring, I jumped at the chance. I started as a Tile Design Consultant in the showroom, then the Residential Account Specialist for the Cincinnati area designers and architects. When the Commercial position became available, I was hesitant but I’ve never looked back. So, basically I feel like I’ve done just about everything but drive the forklift!

How does your firm work with architects? 

Hamilton Parker’s core purpose is to achieve our customer’s vision through trust and expertise. In order to do this, our team works with customers to specify the right materials for both residential and commercial projects, keeping both budget and timelines in mind.

How has the pandemic impacted your company’s work? 

We have not slowed down one bit during this pandemic. My day-to-day has only changed in the sense that I am delivering samples to designer’s homes (not offices) and doing virtual product updates. We are adapting and overcoming the challenges we are being faced while still maintaining the customer experience our clients have come to expect. 

Who or what inspires you? 

All of the new and innovative ways that tile can be used. Who knew that you could clad the exterior of a high rise building with tile???!!! 2cm porcelain pavers are virtually indestructive to salt, snow, and can be used as driveways. Large format tiles can look like wallpaper. The list goes on, but all of these things keep me going.

What is your favorite building and why? 

I love any and all old churches. The amount of man hours and labor that went into these old buildings is unfathomable. The stained glass windows, arches, woodwork, and stonework leave me speechless. I did have the opportunity to tour Westminster Abbey in London. But, the smaller, lesser known church down the street from it was just as spectacular.

When you’re not working (and we’re not in a pandemic) what do you love to do? 

My favorite thing to do is take long weekend road trips. I enjoy visiting cities such as Louisville, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Asheville. I also enjoy a quiet cabin, which I’ve found can be easily done during the pandemic.

What is your favorite pandemic-safe activity (aka what keeps you sane during COVID chaos)? 

There’s nothing real exciting to talk about here…..since the weather has turned cooler I’ve been cooking more. I’ve read lots of books this year. Last I checked, I’ve read 47 consecutive weeks this year. And, I’ve taken a few hikes in the woods.

Hamilton Parker is a long-time supporter of AIA Cincinnati’s CRAN community, including sponsoring the CRANawards before becoming one of the first Title Sponsors. To find out more about Hamilton Parker, please visit their website: hamiltonparker.com.

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