Alexander Christoforidis

Alexander Christoforidis, AIA AICP LEEDap, Division of Experience-based Learning and Career Education, University of Cincinnati

Of your recent projects, which is your favorite and why?

You always look ahead to the next one, but among my recent projects, I would have to say the renovation of our Church’s Parish center is my favorite. I had the opportunity to design a project which touched on our faith and identity, was very well received by the community, I had the chance to work with an amazing group of people on the building committee and church leadership and a very good contractor. Also, I get to use it every week as a parishioner myself.

Where do you find inspiration?

I look to my family and my faith for inspiration first, but the architecture profession provides inspiration everywhere you look. From my position at UC where I see students wanting to make architecture their career and to do work that matters to the world around us in many ways, to new knowledge and new science that architects use to improve our built environment.

What does SAIDworks do?

First and foremost, our committee brings our professional community in touch with students. We have one of the best structured programs at the University of Cincinnati for preparing emerging architects, and much of that is because we connect with our profession. Although our students can work anywhere in the U.S. or abroad, more of them work in Cincinnati than anywhere else. SAIDworks is an event we have organized to allow students to get to know local professionals and alumni through portfolio reviews, presentations on and by each firm, and advice for emerging architects as they prepare for their first UC co-op. It shows students that there is a strong network of professionals who are very interested in on-boarding them successfully into the profession, that they are indeed needed, and that they have opportunities and the support they need to make the most of it. The committee makes sure the event  – which typically includes firm presentations, an informal social event, and four hours of portfolio reviews – is well planned and optimizes the opportunities for students as well as participating firms for everyone’s benefit.

How can AIA Members get involved with SAIDworks?

We like to serve a diversity of firms as much as possible in every aspect of diversity. The easiest way would be to email me before the end of March 2020; however, anytime is a good time to ask.

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