Allison McKenzie 2019 AIA Cincinnati President


It’s incredibly difficult to believe that it is already November! This year has really flown by and we found ourselves needing to identify the leaders that will keep AIA Cincinnati moving forward and gaining steam in the years to come. This seemed like a critical point in AIA Cincinnati’s history to this year’s nominating committee.

While AIA Cincinnati will be celebrating its history and 150th anniversary next year, we will also be leveraging newer assets like Julie Carpenter as our executive director, our new CCAD space, and our growing partnerships with allied design organizations. Consequently, the nominating committee aimed to strike a real balance between officers and directors with past board experience to bring stability and continuity, as well as some new faces to bring fresh ideas and different perspectives.

At the membership meeting on October 30th, the slate of candidates presented by the nominating committee was accepted by acclimation of those members present. Below is a list of all of the officers, directors, and representatives who will be serving next year, along with their term length. I am proud that the makeup of this board reflects significant diversity in years of practice, practice area, gender, and firm size. I am excited to see what this board will accomplish.

While creation of this year’s slate was very much driven by the nominating committee, we always seek candidate nominations from the membership. Hopefully, you saw the call for nominations in the newsletter. Passion for the profession and a willingness to share your time and knowledge are two of the primary qualifications for board positions. If you have an interest in serving on the board or a committee in the future, or if you know someone who would be a great addition, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the current board members or Julie.


Past President: Allison McKenzie: automatic one-year term following president term
President: Cynthia Williams: automatic one-year term following vice president term
Vice President- John Jaskiewicz: one-year term
Secretary- Angela Mazzi: one-year term 
Treasurer- Jeff Raser: one-year term


Director: Graham Kalbli: three-year term
Director: Zoe Gizara: one-year term
Director:  Krutarth Jain: two years remaining
Director: Paul Karalambo: one year remaining

AIA Ohio Representatives

AIA Ohio Rep- Mike Mauch: three-year term
AIA Ohio Rep Alternate- Cori Cassidy: three-year term

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