Citizen Architect: Sheri Scott, AIA, NCARB

Sheri Scott, AIA, NCARB, Springboro Historic Downtown Architectural Review Board

Firm and Role: Founder & Principal Architect, Springhouse Architects and Springhouse Structures

What is the purpose of the organization/committee that you are involved with? 

The Springboro Historic Downtown Architectural Review Board is charged with promoting development sensitive to the historic character of Springboro’s Historic Preservation District and local Landmark structures by establishing uniform standards and guidelines. Also to foster the city’s economic development by preserving the historic character of its unique downtown to attract new businesses. We strive to celebrate our past through preservation.

Why did you choose to get involved? 

Being involved was a natural professional extension to serve the community in which I live. I was invited to apply to the board by the city planning official. The city council appointed me to the position for a 2-year term. I chose to accept the appointment because I believe that buildings are not disposable and the preservation of unique architectural districts is important.

How does your experience as an architect contribute to the organization? 

As an architect, I can contribute in a unique way to the preservation of our downtown environment. Bringing to light alternate design solutions and construction processes leads the conversation in a productive way. As a licensed architect, I help the organization meet federal requirements of the board that they would otherwise be missing.

How has serving in this role benefits you as an architect? 

Community service benefits me professionally as well as personally. Professionally, it adds to my credibility as a productive, thoughtful and contributing architect. Personally, I believe we should all give to our communities what time and talents we have. The connections I have made through the board and the petitioning business owners has been very valuable.

How much time and effort does your role require? 

My term length is two years. We meet one time per month. With review, prep, and meeting time, it is around a three-hour commitment every month.

Would you encourage other architects to get involved in a similar organization? 

I do encourage other architects to get involved in some type of community service. It is good for you personally and professionally, it serves a greater good, and requires very little outside of what we are already trained to do.

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