Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority extends RFQ deadlines

New deadline 11-17-16 at 10:00 am EST

The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority has extended the deadline for two RFQs:

  • Solicitation 2016-4101 General Architectural Services
  • Solicitation 2016-4102 General Engineering Services

Responses must be received by the new deadline at:
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
Attn: Procurement Officer
1627 Western Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Navigating the new CMHA website

CMHA has a new website. To navigate to the solicitation, go to the new website (, then click on the blue Solicitations button at the bottom. The first time you visit the website, at the end of the paragraph just under Current Solicitations, select the hyper link “click this link to register.”

That will direct you to this page: Website registration is not the same as vendor registration. After you register, select “Signup & Login” at the top left, then go to Current Solicitations. You will be able to select any solicitation and view/download the associated documents.

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