Call to Action on HB 504

Support the Profession, Contact Ohio House of Representatives

Rep. Ryan Smith (R-Gallia County) became the speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday, June 6. The House convened on June 7 to vote on a number of bills, but HB 504 was not on that list. For anyone unfamiliar with the HB 504, you can find a summary of what the legislation entails here. The House will not be in session this week but HB 504 maybe taken up for a vote when the House reconvenes on June 20. 

HB 504 would:

  • require local building departments to accept submittals from certified interior designers without an architect’s seal.
  • allow the Ohio Interior Design Examiners Board to define the practice of interior design without the oversight or approval of the Ohio Architects Board.

In its current form, HB 504 raises significant concerns for health, safety, and welfare of the public.

We need your help to continue to ensure that HB 504 will not be taken up by the House when they reconvene on June 20! Here is a target list of House Republicans who make up the Conservative Caucus. These House Members are very influential in deciding what bills will be considered on the Floor. Your calls and emails are VERY important because every office keeps a tally in order to help them formulate their position on a piece of legislation.

Please make your calls through 10:30 am on Tuesday, June 19.

Click here for another contact method that can be used for emails to the legislators.

Thank you in advance for taking an hour of your time for the profession!

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