The AIA Ohio Valley Regional Assembly is soliciting nominations for AIA Ohio Valley Region Representative to the Strategic Council

The position to be filled is that of Second Strategic Council Member, replacing Jeff Stivers, AIA. Per the AIA Ohio Valley Region Bylaws:

When the Region has more than one Strategic Council Member, the first Strategic Council Member from the Ohio Valley Region shall be elected and perpetually succeeded by a Strategic Council Member from the eligible membership of a Component in Ohio. The second Strategic Council Member shall be elected from the eligible membership of Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Representation on the Strategic Council is based on membership. Any region that has at least 4% of total AIA membership can have two representatives to the Strategic Council. The AIA Ohio Valley Region currently has two Representatives to the Strategic Council, Jeff Stivers, AIA (member of AIA Kentucky, elected in 2017 for a three year term, 2018-2020) and Terry Welker, FAIA (member of AIA Ohio, elected in 2018 for a three year term, 2019-2021). However, in August, 2019, it was announced that the membership of the Ohio Valley Region was just 3.9% of total AIA membership, and that going forward, the Ohio Valley Region qualifies to have one representative to the Strategic Council. AIA doesn’t remove sitting councilors so both Jeff and Terry have been allowed to continue and will finish their terms. AIA will conduct another membership count in August, 2020. If membership in the AIA Ohio Valley Region does not exceed 4% of total AIA membership, we will not qualify for a second Representative to the Strategic Council and a candidate will not be elected.  Components in the region have been working hard to increase membership to get the Ohio Valley Region up over this threshold, and we are proceeding with the process of identifying candidates with the hope that these efforts are successful. If they are, we will elect a second councilor in September. If they are not, and the Ohio Valley Region’s membership falls under 4%, we will not elect the second representative to the Strategic Council.  

Any AIA component may nominate a candidate. Individual declarations of candidacy from members may be made as well. The individual elected will begin a three-year term in December 2020, and serve until December 2023. Nominations and declarations of candidacy should be made by sending a letter of intent from the candidate with supporting letters (not required…no more than three) and a list of qualifications to the AIA Ohio Valley Region, by July 21, 2020.

AIA Strategic Council members are responsible for establishing the vision and long term goals of the Institute. The AIA Strategic Council serves an advisory role to the AIA National Board, but is not involved in governance.

Biographical information on each nominated or declared candidate shall be submitted to the attention of Kate Brunswick, AIA Ohio Valley Region, 400 W. Wilson Bridge Rd., Ste. 120, Worthington, OH  43085. If you choose, you may submit via email.

Nominations or declarations will be forwarded to the AIA Ohio Valley Region Assembly Delegates for an election scheduled for Sept. 8, 2020, to be held via a virtual meeting. Candidates should plan to be available to attend this Ohio Valley Region Assembly meeting in order to be interviewed by the Assembly. Each candidate will have five minutes to present their qualifications, prior to a question and answer period by the OVR Assembly.

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