Title Sponsor Profile: Mansion Hill Custom Floors

The View is breathtaking – and so are the floors

Atop Mt. Adams, The View treats guests to picturesque scenery of downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River. Jeff Rose and Bill Walz of Mansion Hill Custom Floors hope the cityscape isn’t the only item the venue’s patrons can’t take their eyes off of. 

“We partnered with Ron Novak of the drawing dept to create hardwood floors that would complement the beauty of The View’s location and his vision,” Walz said. “Its location is unparalleled and we wanted the floors to mirror its uniqueness.”                                      

Mansion Hill Custom Floors specializes in wood flooring and wood wall treatments. It collaborates with clients to deliver the products that fit their design needs, provide the durability required for each project, and create wood shapes and colors that make them step back, and say, “Wow!” 

Its products ring true to its company’s motto: “If you can imagine it, we can create it.”

This spring, Mansion Hill Custom Floors will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

“Without a doubt, we owe our success to architects and designers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky,” Rose said. “They’re the reason you can find our floors in countless commercial spaces and high-end homes throughout the region. We can’t thank Ron and AIA members enough for entrusting us with their projects.”

Ron Novak, AIA, LEED AP, explained why he chose Mansion Hill Custom Floors for The View.

“drawing dept has an extensive and robust portfolio of specialty design projects in many different wrappers each client-centric, site specific and prototypical,” Novak said. “We formed drawing dept over 15 years ago, eschewing the ego and historic practice of our profession for something much more real and approachable. We practice without excuse.

“The support and craft that Bill and Jeff offer through Mansion Hill Custom Floors Custom Floors is unmatched in this Universe! They hold their work and their word in the highest esteem so I trust them with all my hardwood needs.”

Mansion Hill Custom Floors installed engineered French white oak flooring specially designed for The View. The 36” squares are laid on a 45-degree angle and glued to concrete.

“Just as important as the aesthetics, we needed to ensure the floors withstand the high volume of guest and staff foot traffic,” Walz explained. “We selected engineered white oak flooring for its durability.”  

Benefits of Engineered v. Solid Floors

Before outlining its benefits, it’s important to understand the difference in how engineered and solid wood floors are created:

  • Engineered wood flooring is comprised of several layers of wood.
  • Solid wood flooring is made up of one piece of wood.

Benefits of engineered wood flooring:

  • Resiliency: The layers in the engineered floors create a highly stable core that is less likely to expand and contract. Solid wood flooring will contract and expand more in response to moisture. 
  • Installation: Engineered wood floors can be installed by nailing, gluing or floating on, above or below grades in a home, and it can be glued to concrete as well because of its ply layers. Solid wood flooring generally needs to have a subfloor beneath it.

Mansion Hill Custom Floors can customize engineered and solid wood floors to be nearly any length and width. They also tailor stains, colors and finishes to meet clients’ needs. Both types of flooring can be pre-finished or finished onsite.

If you need help deciding whether engineered wood flooring makes sense for your project, contact Mansion Hill to schedule an appointment. Its experts can help you decide which floor is right for your project.

Mansion Hill Custom Floors is an AIA Cincinnati 2021 Title Sponsor. Learn more at https://mansionhillcustomfloors.com.

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